Kong Off 2 Player Profile: Hank Chien

As both the current world record holder, the incumbent Kong Off champion, and the majority favorite to win, this year's lineup will have its hands full with Hank.

When I asked Chien how he estimated his prospects, however, he was more sober:

"I'd say my chances of winning the Kong Off are about 20%. Donkey Kong is just that random and the other players are just that good. I believe nobody has more than a 50% chance of winning. However, I have a 100% chance of beating Vincent Lemay (only joking, Vincent has improved his game a lot over the past year)."

As for his tournament-specific strategy:

"I'm going to back off my game a lot for the Kong Off and play around 1.05M pace. It's not realistic to expect to go all out and finish a game under those conditions. One weekend is not that many attempts when an average attempt takes 2-3 hours (including restarts and aborted games)."

The defending champ. The smart money pick. And with the announcement dropping just 11 days before zero-hour that he topped his own world record again, the Kong Off 2 is truly Chien's tournament to lose.

Something tells me he's not going to.

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Hank you stank and to be quit frank Wiltshire will be the winner of this for which you will thank!

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