It Has Begun!

November 17th 2012, 10:00 AM MST - The games have officially (if not literally) begun!

There are no live streams running yet. I have a list of addresses, but none of them are live. Wildcard contestant Jeff Harrist tells me "Streaming is coming. We're still still setting up. The event hasn't started yet." Stay tuned, I will update as soon as this changes.

Jeff also shared this picture from the opening ceremonies:

(Richie Knucklez, Walter Day, Jourdan Adler, Billy Mitchell)

Festivities are underway, but not yet games.

As for scores, it should be several hours before there are any to report.

In the meantime, a Facebook update from early this morning by Hank Chien:

"A few things made me laugh and smile yesterday.

During a practice session, a Friday night patron at the 1-up told me that Donkey Kong must be a patternable game because it's a 20 year old game. Then he proceeded to tell me that I was still far away from the high score.

Steve Wiltshire said that before he left for Denver his 5 year old son told him (sorry for the misquote): "You're good daddy, but you won't beat Hank Chien." That story made my day!

Good luck and good skill to my fellow competitors. Let the games begin!"

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