Kong Off 2 Media Round-Up

Here is a selection of media coverage on the Kong Off 2, listed in order of publication/broadcast.


  • Lincoln Journal Star: Is Lincoln man the king of Kong?, 11/14 (Story about leaderboard newcomer Steve Wiltshire and his journey to the Kong Off).

    Thanks to the Journal Star for the link to Donkey Blog within the story, even though they mistakenly refer to this site, and not Twin Galaxies, as the record-keepers. Hm. How amusing.

    In addition, KOLN in Lincoln, Nebraska profiled Wiltshire and his journey to the tournament:

  • Reporter Herald: World's best Donkey Kong players compete in Denver, 11/15

  • Westword.com: It's on like Donkey Kong at the 1UP this week, 11/15

  • VIDEO - KUSA 9 Denver: aired 11/16 (Day 0), 6 AM (source link):

  • Denver Post: Donkey Kong idols duke it out in Denver for world title, 11/17 (Day 1), 2 PM

  • VIDEO - KUSA 9 Denver: aired 11/17 (Day 1), 10 PM (source link):

  • VIDEO - Fox News: aired 11/17 (Day 1), evening (source link):

  • VIDEO - CBS 4 Denver: aired 11/17 (Day 1), evening (source link):

  • VIDEO - WTSP 10 Tampa Bay: aired 11/19 (post-Kong Off), (source link) Thanks to WTSP for ending the text version of the story with a link to Donkey Blog's Jeff Willms "Congratulations" post, and for the readers they sent this way. This makes WTSP the one and only outlet (thus far) to actually tell the public who won!

    This video is the long version of the Evrod Cassimy segment that aired on CBS 4 in Denver (approximately 20 additional seconds of footage), without news anchors, and featuring additional comments from Jeff Harrist, Hank Chien, Jourdan Adler, and Mitchell Elliott:

  • Westword.com: Kong Off II Photo Slideshow, 11/19

  • Kotaku.com: *crickets chirp*

  • 1UP.com: (not to be confused with the1up.com) *crickets chirp*

    Looks like every news outlet except the gaming news sites ended up covering one of the biggest gaming events of the year. Go figure! Good thing others were there to pick up the ball that they dropped.

    If anyone finds any more coverage, please let me know.

    Finally, though they are not from the "mainstream" media, I would recommend to everyone RetroUprising's (pre-Kong Off) interviews with Jeff Willms and Vincent Lemay.


    On a sort-of-related note, I know that there are a lot of "regulars" out there reading this who haven't Facebook-Liked this blog yet... and I know Likeing is silly... and Like-beggars are annoying... but of the thousands of people who have visited over the past week for information and coverage on the Kong Off 2, I got about ten Likes. Which is appreciated, don't get me wrong, but, alright, I admit it: this is complete obsessive-compulsiveness. Nothing more. That almost-triple digit is torturing me. Let's push it over 100 and get it over with!

    Here, I'll make it easy:

    I will be back soon, hopefully before the Thanksgiving holiday but more likely after, with a post that I want everyone to read. I have made a decision in response to current events and the major changes that are occurring.

    I want to propose something that, if the competitive Donkey Kong community can manage to put together, will not only solve the problems that these changes will cause, but make things better than they've ever been.


    Chrispy said...

    By the way: as you might be able to see, the above embeds of two of those videos are from the Donkey Blog YouTube channel. I have archived them there. The streams for the others are proving to be a tougher nut to crack, but I'll get 'em.

    I'm not trying to steal anything, by the way. It's just that I'm really, really sick of videos on the Internet disappearing without warning.

    This is great stuff and I do NOT want to let it be lost forever when it's deleted three weeks from now by the TV networks' web guy.

    JNugent said...

    Looking forward to reading your next article. I'm one of those who 'liked' Donkey Blog on Facebook, btw!

    stella_blue said...

    I'm looking forward to your proposition, Chris. If it even vaguely resembles what I'm anticipating, count me in.

    Julian (josephjo, Retrojojo) said...

    Thanks for the links to my interviews at Retro Uprising Chris. Keep up the fantastic work. I look forward to seeing what you have planned. Enjoy your Thanks giving break.

    Chrispy said...

    All video is now archived on/embedded from YouTube.

    Anonymous said...

    Well, certainly Patrick Patterson was all over this famtastic event, right? Why did you exclude him??

    JNugent said...

    I watched Rudy Ferretti's latest vid on YouTube last night, and he said he can win the Kong Off 3 next year. Could he actually be a DK contender? Maybe an idea for an article... I wouldn't spend too much time on his YouTube, it only feeds his arrogance...

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