Saglio Working On a Monster

November 17th 2012, 1:19 PM MST - Dean Saglio (playing alongside Ben Falls) is not technically in the scoring lead, but has the best game currently going. He just ended level 11 with over 500,000 points (on pace for approximaly 1,050,000), with all lives remaining.

[Update 2:00 PM: one life gone, now approximately 1,060,000 pace. If this game goes all the way, the field will have a very, very hard time with it.]

Vincent Lemay and Ben Falls are both ahead of Saglio in score, but are at a lower pace and have few lives remaining.

[Update 2:00 PM: Falls' run is over (ending at 745,700). He has started again. Lemay is over 840,000 and closing in on the final four levels. His pace cannot beat Saglio's.]

[Update 2:20 PM: POSSIBLE KILL SCREEN! Lemay, who has now already beaten his final Kong Off 1 score, is only minutes away from the kill!]

Wiebe and Chien trail significantly.

[Update 1:30 PM: a game of Chien's just ended at approximately 450,000. His machine is empty for the time being.]

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