Kong Off 2 Player Profile: Dean Saglio

Saglio, along with Kong Off 1 competitor Ross Benziger, are the original mega point-pressers. Other players refer to it as an addiction, a compulsion, one that Saglio actually cites as a threat to his chances in this year's tournament, admitting that one of his main challenges will be "to force myself to play at a less risky, lower pace in order to compensate for the limited timeframe of a tournament."

But Saglio's true Achilles heel is one that he has been very publicly suffering through for the past several weeks: the arcade-style controls on which he has been practicing.

A master of the keyboard, Saglio has run into a major handicap with the comparative clunkiness of a joystick and the less-than-immediate response of the jump button. The "control panel death" has become the bane of his existence, even while bringing a measure of solace of the other competitors: "CP deaths give me hope" Ben Falls remarked in October.

But if any player needs to be handicapped in order to level the field, it's Saglio. Even with it, he is a clear front-runner to win.

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Anonymous said...

could you please reveal which emulator he uses and how he manages to overcome the input lag which ensues in an emulated environment....

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