Kong Off 2 Player Profile: Steve Wiebe

Wiebe only narrowly missed taking first place at the inaugural Kong Off, hitting a near million-point kill screen before being forced to cut out early to catch his plane back home.

Those last hours were a microcosm of the world record chase itself—Chien hit the top spot, Wiebe yanked it from Chien, after which Chien staged a late rally and edged Wiebe out.

It was, in fact, Wiebe who pitched the idea of a second Kong Off to Richie Knucklez, and one must wonder if that photo-finish defeat was a motivating factor. Nice guy though he may be, Wiebe is fiercely competitive.

If Wiebe has something to prove, now's the time.

He comes into the Kong Off carrying every advantage, but also burdened with the most expectation.

Wiebe is, however, both psychologically experienced and well-trained in a style of play that is ideal for a public tournament: push just aggressively enough to complete the game and get a high score, but not be so uncompromising about point-pressing that risk ends it early.

Wiebe is known (and feared) for his consistency. There's no reason to think he won't wield it in Denver.

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Anonymous said...

Wiebe was the regular guys winner but now Wiltshire is the "Peoples Champ!"

ThaCunt said...

Simply the best

Anonymous said...

Cut the bias for Billy "The Hick". His "rumored personal best?" How can you believe anything he says. He is off center and totally untrustworthy. Someone needs to shave his mullet Jack Ass style.

Karnage said...

This guy is plain awesome.Ive looked up to him as a pro gamer and as a great person since Ive heard of him years ago.Youre the man,Steve.

Anonymous said...

He plays some of the most upbeat christian music ever! If anyone can raise Jesus from the dead it's Steve Wiebe and his piano.

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