Kong Off 2 Player Profile: Vincent Lemay

I've allotted myself a rough word count for each of these player profiles, and when I got to Vincent Lemay, words failed me. Not because I don't have plenty of things to say, but because Vincent defies written description.

Vincent must be seen to be believed. While you're at it, get an earful of his equally-colorful Donkey Kong protégé, Australian "brother", and fellow bodybuilder Allen Staal, who is sure to be nearby.

While he came up short of Hank Chien's world record, Lemay took the "unofficial" second best score ever achieved on an arcade machine... a machine that was stricken at the time by a malfunctioning video board.

As for the tournament, Lemay assessed his chances with graceful humility:

"The other players are good. But I'm perfect. My goal isn't to finish first. My goal, and only goal, is to kick the sh*t out of Hank. People will say: 'That's a WAY too easy goal! You should aim for a much higher goal than that!' They are right, I know."

Obligatory trash-talk aside, it's possible that no competitor is more pumped about the tournament than Vincent, who exploded recently in a Facebook status update:

"This is going to be the most amazing week-end of the history of the Universe!!! Tears to my eyes. I honestly don't care at all about winning the big prize of 2000$... because the best prize that I can get will be to spend time with all my family of the arcade community. You're worth way more than 2k, in my heart! I'm going to be emotionally rich! BOOM baby! (Definitely a way better love story than Twilight)."

Prepare yourself, Denver. A violent storm of biceps, cursing, and emotion is on the way. Vincent is your problem now.

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