Back-to-Back Millions For Wiebe

November 18th 2012, 8:52 PM MST - Once wasn't good enough!

Minutes ago, bringing the Kong Off 2 to a rousing conclusion, Steve Wiebe finished a million-point game for the second time today, bringing his tournament final to 1,006,700, putting a cherry on top of his third-place standing.

Never in history has a player put up two million point games in a single day, let alone live.

Wiebe's still got it.

An historic day indeed. In the early hours came Jeff Willms' 1,105,400 game, the first-ever "1.1" to be played live, and then this.

As for Billy Mitchell, his hail-mary barebones kill screen run ended over an hour ago on the second screen of Level 21 when he stubbed his toe on a cement pan.

We still love ya, Billy.

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