Kong Off 2 Final Results

November 18th 2012, 9:00 PM MST - The Kong Off 2 has come to an end. The final standings are as follows.

Please visit the main Kong Off 2 page for news updates from the day and for in-depth commentary on the tournament.

The names of the tournament's 12 "featured" contestants are linked to their player profiles. All other names are wildcard competitors.

PlacePlayerBest ScoreGapDay
1Jeff Willms 1,105,400-2
2Dean Saglio 1,079,40026,0001
3Steve Wiebe 1,006,70072,7002
4Hank Chien 996,9009,8001
5Kyle Goewert 996,2007002
6Vincent Lemay 988,0008,2001
7Mark Kiehl 943,70044,3001
8Billy Mitchell 901,90041,8002
9Eric Tessler900,5001,4001
10Jeff Wolfe892,8007,7002
11Ben Falls 854,30038,5001
12Dave McCrary 847,1007,2001
13Mike Groesbeck829,10018,0002
14Steve Wiltshire749,90079,2001
15Jonathan McCourt729,70020,2002
16Ross Benziger690,10039,6001
17Eric Howard 671,20018,9001
18Mitchell Elliott644,50026,7001
19Shaun Boyd 588,90055,6002
20Robbie Lakeman576,50012,4001
21Daniel Dock438,200138,3001
22Jeff Harrist361,50076,7001
23Daniel Desjardins353,9007,6001
24Steve Sanders227,200126,7001
25Allen Staal201,10026,1001
26John Salter180,60020,5001
27Melkon DomBourian147,50033,1001

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