Scoreboard as of 7:49 PM: Wiltshire Leads

November 16th, 2013, 9:00 PM MST - Lincoln, Nebraska's Steve Wiltshire took over the tournament lead in early-evening play, and the always-reliable Steve Wiebe is now in third position with just over 1 million points.

Due to numerous difficulties and complications (my status as a very busy Wildcard Division competitor being one of them) this will be the last update of the evening. Apologies for the minimal coverage.

The bad news is that I did not survive the "cut" for today. The good news is that this means I'll have more time for other things tomorrow. Now that I am out of the tournament, I will shift my focus to achieving a top 3 score on Twin Galaxies "Donkey Kong 2" scoreboard. Hopefully there will be time for some blogging as well. Stay tuned!

1Steve Wiltshire1,016,7000
2Kyle Goewert1,006,50010,200
3Steve Wiebe1,005,700800
4Jeff Willms990,80014,900
5Vincent Lemay 989,7001,100
6Corey Chambers893,30096,400
7Jeff Wolfe799,60093,700
8Hank Chien768,80030,800
9Mike Groesbeck759,6009,200
10Robbie Lakeman740,90018,700
11Ben Falls736,8004,100
12Jonathan McCourt687,40049,400
13Daniel Dock680,0007,400
14Shaun Boyd639,30040,700
15David McCrary638,500800
16Eric Tessler628,7009,800
17Daniel Desjardins624,7004,000
18Billy Mitchell598,80025,900
19Jeff Harrist591,4007,400
20Dean Saglio579,00012,400
21Allen Staal566,60012,400
22Chris Psaros563,6003,000
23Ethan Daniels509,40054,200
24Jeremy Young485,40024,000
25Aaron Rounsaville483,9001,500
26Ross Benziger353,700130,200
27George Strain347,2006,500
28Mitchell Elliott294,10053,100
29John Salter191,700102,400
30John Hunter141,10050,600
31Elizabeth Bollinger136,6004,500
32Don Rubin93,60043,000

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