Score Update - 4:11 PM: Wildcards Dominating

November 16th 2013, 4:11 PM MST - Here are the latest standings. Former top 12er Kyle Goewert took a commanding lead early with the first kill screen of the tournament, which was also a million-point game that may be good enough to win the Wildcard Division. Way to go, Kyle! In second place is another Wildcard, Corey Chambers.

Otherwise, the Kong Off 3 has not gotten off to the booming start it did last year with Saglio and Willms huge scores right out of the gate. All in all, the Wildcard Division has outperformed the Top 12 thus far. But the tournament is young!

This scoreboard differs from reality to varying degrees depending on the player. Wiebe and Lemay, for example, have games in progress bigger than those on this scoreboard.

Apologies for the spotty coverage, it's a serious challenge when you're also competing!

Be sure to keep an eye on to watch the scoreboard.

1Kyle Goewert1,006,5000
2Corey Chambers893,300113,200
3Jeff Willms883,8009,500
4Hank Chien768,800115,000
5Mike Groesbeck765,7003,100
6Ben Falls736,80028,900
7Robbie Lakeman704,80032,000
8Jonathan McCourt687,40017,400
9Daniel Dock680,0007,400
10Eric Tessler628,70051,300
11Dean Saglio579,00049,700
12Jeff Wolfe567,50011,500
13Allen Staal566,600900
14David McCrary565,800800
15Steve Wiebe563,0002,800
16Chris Psaros554,2008,800
17Shaun Boyd539,30014,900
18Daniel Desjardins510,10029,200
19Vincent Lemay 490,00020,100
20Aaron Rounsaville483,9006,100
21Ethan Daniels483,200700
22Jeremy Young468,90014,300
23Jeff Harrist427,90041,000
24Steve Wiltshire415,90012,000
25Mitchell Elliott294,100121,800
26Ross Benziger267,10027,000
27George Strain214,70052,400
28John Hunter141,10073,600
29Elizabeth Bollinger110,50030,600
30Don Rubin93,60016,900
31John Salter48,00045,600
32Billy Mitchell048,000

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Yeah, now it's obvious he wasn't there to win. Billy Mitchell could win it all if he tried..

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