November 18th 2012, 3:30 PM MST - Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have been forced to limit my commentary of the Kong Off 2 to leaderboard-only.

Later this evening I will post the final standings.

[EDIT: Ah what the hell. Let's see this thing through!]

(Note: this list is incomplete and based on limited information! An asterisk indicates a wildcard player.)

RankPlayerBest ScoreDay
1Jeff Willms 1,105,4002
2Dean Saglio 1,079,4001
3Hank Chien 996,9001
4Steve Wiebe 996,8001
5Vincent Lemay 988,0001
6Mark Kiehl 943,7001
7Eric Tessler*900,5001
8Ben Falls 854,3001
9Dave McCrary 847,1001
10Jeff Wolfe*787,6002
11Steve Wiltshire*749,9001
12Jonathan McCourt*729,7001
13Ross Benziger*690,1001
14Eric Howard 671,2001
15Mitchell Elliott*644,5001
16Kyle Goewert 592,2001
17Robbie Lakeman*576,5001
18Billy Mitchell 575,0001
19Mike Groesbeck*569,9001
20Shaun Boyd 518,3001
21Daniel Dock*438,2001
22Jeff Harrist*361,5001
23Daniel Desjardins*353,9001
24Steve Sanders*227,2001
25Allen Staal*201,1001
26John Salter*180,6001
27Melkon DomBourian*147,5001


Anonymous said...

Forced to limit coverage? I guess the freedom of america doesn't apply within the new TG?

Chrispy said...

I haven't been forced by TG or anyone else. I've been forced by my conscience.

Chrispy said...

Screw it, Jeff deserves an update (even if I have to plug it in retroactively) and these other guys do too. We'll deal with the drama later.

Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive the "worst" score was 148k if you ask me. 24th place was still over 200k and then 23rd is 350k. Impressive all around.

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