November 17th 2012, 5:00 PM MST - Here is the UNOFFICIAL tournament leaderboard as of 5:00. The last quarter-drop is scheduled for 8:00.

(Note: this list is incomplete and based on limited information coming from a highly chaotic environment! An asterisk indicates a wildcard player.)

RankPlayerBest ScoreDay
1Dean Saglio 1,079,4001
2Jeff Willms 1,037,2001
3Vincent Lemay 988,0001
4Ben Falls 854,3001
5Dave McCrary 847,1001
6Hank Chien 800,1001
7Steve Wiebe 779,0001
8Ross Benziger*690,1001
9Mark Kiehl 662,7001
10Jonathan McCourt*640,6001
11Kyle Goewert 592,2001
12Mike Groesbeck*569,9001
13Shaun Boyd 518,3001
14Jeff Wolfe*471,3001
15Robbie Lakeman*419,6001
16Steve Wiltshire*397,2001
17Mitchell Elliott*375,8001
18Daniel Dock*374,6001
19Eric Tessler*372,8001
20Steve Sanders*227,2001
21Jeff Harrist*226,4001
22John Salter*180,6001
23Melkon DomBourian*147,5001
24Daniel Desjardins*128,0001
?Billy Mitchell ???1
?Eric Howard ???1

The screen 30 minutes ago on Wildcard #4, showing Groesbeck (10th), Wolfe (11th), Elliott (14th), Groesbeck (superseded), Wolfe (superseded):

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