Day 1: Final Standings

November 17th 2012, 11:59 PM MST - Here is the UNOFFICIAL end-of-Day-1 leaderboard.

(Note: this list is incomplete and based on limited information! An asterisk indicates a wildcard player.)

RankPlayerBest ScoreDay
1Dean Saglio 1,079,4001
2Jeff Willms 1,037,2001
3Hank Chien 996,9001
4Steve Wiebe 996,8001
5Vincent Lemay 988,0001
6Mark Kiehl 943,7001
7Eric Tessler*900,5001
8Ben Falls 854,3001
9Dave McCrary 847,1001
10Steve Wiltshire*749,9001
11Ross Benziger*690,1001
12Eric Howard 671,2001
13Mitchell Elliott*644,5001
14Jonathan McCourt*640,6001
15Kyle Goewert 592,2001
16Robbie Lakeman*576,5001
17Mike Groesbeck*569,9001
18Shaun Boyd 518,3001
19Jeff Wolfe*471,3001
20Daniel Dock*438,2001
21Jeff Harrist*361,5001
22Daniel Desjardins*353,9001
23Steve Sanders*227,2001
24Allen Staal*201,1001
25John Salter*180,6001
26Melkon DomBourian*147,5001
?Billy Mitchell ???1


Andy said...

So anyone know what's going on with Billy?

Mossman said...

He has not been putting forth much of an effort, at least on day 1. The highest score I saw on his machine was around 350k (last night).

Andy said...

Cheers for that.

I'm not the biggest fan of Billy....
...but he may have something up his sleeve.

We'll see :)

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