Dave McCrary Is Millionaire Number 4!

January 8th, 2012 - Congratulations to Dave McCrary who, on December 30th, 2011, achieved a score of 1,015,000 points on a Donkey Kong arcade machine while over 50 viewers looked on via Twitch TV.

McCrary "rolls it over"

McCrary's score was officially verified by Twin Galaxies today, and makes him the fourth player after Hank Chien, Steve Wiebe, and Billy Mitchell to have a ranked score of over one million points on the arcade platform (the seventh with the inclusion of MAME players).

McCrary has been active at competitive Donkey Kong for several years, including one of the coveted spots at 2011's Kong Off. This, however, is McCrary's first submission to the Donkey Kong "Points" leaderboard (arcade or MAME), and his first non-MAME submission to Twin Galaxies.

According to referee Stephen Boyer:

"Dave hit the kill screen on his 3rd man and decided to take the kill screen instead of using his 4th man to gain another 10K or so. This is noted in his video as his goal was not only a million but a kill screen as well. Dave also has the talent to do this again so I'm expecting a higher score in the future."

McCrary had been fighting for much of 2011 to achieve one million points, suffering a very narrow miss of 998,600 on April 5th. In McCrary's words, it was "cool to get the million on my last playing day of 2011."

While over 75,000 points stand between McCrary's score and Hank Chien's world record, McCrary sits only one place below Billy Mitchell himself. As one of the very few players to have achieved the 1 million point benchmark, McCrary is now in the company of the Donkey Kong elite.

The performance can be viewed in its entirety on Twitch TV.

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