A Word About Updates

March 21st, 2012 - In light of my traffic statistics over recent weeks—the last few days in particular—it would appear that Donkey Blog has begun to pick up a head of steam. It's not exactly turning into The Huffington Post or anything, but now, a couple of months after putting it out there, I'm in "over 200 visitors a week" territory. That's a number you might giggle at, but it's one that has nonetheless exceeded my very modest expectations. I went into this with the assumption that a blog about competitive Donkey Kong would be lucky to get a dozen visitors in a month.

I have done nothing to actively promote the blog, curious to see if, and how much, it would get traffic on its own, and it seems to be performing decently. Google's algorithm in particular has taken an interest in my content (I would love it, by the way, if someone from Australia could explain the sudden burst of Australian Googlers that began this past Sunday—was King of Kong on TV there or something?)

I've written thousands of words about Donkey Kong, most of them to myself in note form, and I have outlined dozens of potential articles for this blog.

The question is whether fleshing these notes and outlines into finished articles would be the best use of my time on this Earth. My answer, on most days, is that it isn't. (The time I've put into the game itself makes me feel guilty enough.)

So, while there isn't a whole lot of content here, if this steady increase in traffic continues, that may change. If it dies down, I may disappear again.

Bottom line: if you like Donkey Blog, stay tuned, but don't stay glued! It's still hard to say how much I'm going to put into this, and that's up to the Internet.


Robert felstein said...

Hay Chris
that funny your getting hits from Australia lol.
i do beleave that would be a Australian man name Allen who is a raguler on Richie Knucklez stream from his arcade im sure you know Richie he had the kong-off there 10 top players at the arcade. (i maybe a little responsable for your recent up swing in traffic i plasterd your websit all over facebook with the DK fans )
keep up the good work Hank just read your "Donkey Kong: Darling of the Media" story thoght it was vary good

Chris P. said...

Hi Robert, you're the fellow with the YouTube channel (uhfnutbar1) where you do a cap kit on a Sanyo monitor, correct? I enjoyed those and learned from them. You're a funny guy (and I mean that in a nice way). Thanks for your support.

Robert said...

Ya that would be me :)

Anonymous said...

Just got done watching ESPN king of Kong. I'm not a gamer but Billy Mitchell is a Bitch. Steve Wiebe keep your head up.
If Steven's video game footage cant be true. Why is your video footage legitimate. . I call bullshit.

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