Willms Amazes in Wildcard Qualifier #3

Jeff Willms with the title belt
just after winning the Kong Off 2

October 21st, 2013 - Defending Kong Off 2 champion Jeff Willms easily triumphed last weekend during the most recent "DK Online Open", the final installment in a three-part tournament series designed to pre-qualify 8 players for a spot in the Wildcard Division at the Kong Off 3.

Willms was of course not gunning for one of the wildcard spots (as he is one of the 12 "main lineup" competitors), but rather the $250 first prize. He took it down with a fearsome drive-by shellacking that sent the message loud and clear that he will be the player to beat in November.

Willms' score of 1,090,700 was not only huge in its own right (only four players have ever scored higher), and more than enough to win the tournament, but was also the highest for the series, edging out Dean Saglio's 1,087,500 from Wildcard Qualifier #1.

Hank Chien, world record holder on the arcade platform, struggled through a difficult weekend but never surrendered, coming through in the late hours with a strong second-place showing. Chien, playing purely for the competition, forfeited his $100 prize.

Rounding out the top 3 was rising Konger Corey Chambers, referee of the unofficial community-run DK high score list at Donkey Kong Forum, creator of the upcoming DonkeyKongGenius.com, and recent inductee into the official Twin Galaxies Donkey Kong high score list, where he now sits in 16th place all-time.

At the close of the tournament, contenders for the wildcard spots were pleased to receive the surprise announcement that the number of machines set aside for the Wildcard Division had been increased from 8 to 10, allowing two more players to bypass the (sure to be crowded) Live Wildcard Qualifier on Friday November 15th at the Kong Off 3.

The 10 pre-qualified wildcard spots are now set (pending confirmation by attendees). As for the dedicated-machine "all time top 12" main lineup, October 25th is the deadline to submit a top 12 score to Twin Galaxies. Excitement is high and tension is mounting.

A report on the dramatic last-minute battle for the Top 12, and the list of wildcard pre-qualifiers who both earned a spot and will be attending the Kong Off 3, is coming soon.

A big thanks to Eric Tessler and John Salter for organizing and generously sponsoring the Wildcard Qualifier tournaments. In my capacity from all angles as a stressed-out competitor, thrilled spectator, technical facilitator, and reporter, this series was an experience I won't ever forget.

Final Standings

1Jeff Willms1,090,7000
2Hank Chien1,012,70078,000
3Corey Chambers985,20027,500
4Robbie Lakeman944,60040,600
5Jeff Wolfe929,60015,000
6Jonathan McCourt901,80027,800
7Ben Falls893,0008,800
8Chris Psaros885,6007,400
9Shane Mosher865,90019,700
10Ethan Daniels643,300222,600
11Mitchell Elliott633,20010,100
12Aaron Rounsaville632,2001,000
13Jeff Harrist631,600600
14Graham Hawkins612,40019,200
15Allen Staal567,20045,200
16Daniel Desjardins562,5004,700
17Eric Tessler562,5000
18Shawn Robinson530,10032,400
19George Riley529,1001,000
20Martin Laing527,3001,800
21Dave McCrary496,50030,800
22Ken House491,0005,500
23Jon McKinnell479,90011,100
24John Salter431,80048,100
25Todd Lalonde355,00076,800
26Brian Allen341,00014,000
27Jeremy Young304,80036,200
28Jason Nugent287,70017,100
29Jason Corey Brittain274,10013,600
30John McNeill244,30029,800
31Steve Grunberger181,70062,600
32Mystery player130,30051,400
33Don Rubin90,40039,900
34Michael Stastny87,4003,000
35Katie Young61,70025,700
36Edward Dietman46,60015,100
37Katherine Williams33,60013,000
38Alexis Minsloff18,90014,700
39Chuck Vess16,0002,900
40Douglas Tessler12,0004,000
No Submission (11)
N/ACraig Rout GallantN/AN/A
N/ACraig ZieglerN/AN/A
N/ADaniel DockN/AN/A
N/ADustin PeaseN/AN/A
N/AKayla RoseN/AN/A
N/AMatt DouglasN/AN/A
N/AMike GroesbeckN/AN/A
N/AMike KasperN/AN/A
N/ANick SheilsN/AN/A
N/ASvavar Gunnar GunnarssonN/AN/A
N/ATimothy SczerbyN/AN/A
No-Show (7)
N/ABritt CagninaN/AN/A
N/AForeman FrankN/AN/A
N/AHans KollingerN/AN/A
N/APhilip TudoseN/AN/A
N/ARoss BenzigerN/AN/A
N/AScott CunninghamN/AN/A
N/AStan TrazkaN/AN/A

$250 - Jeff Willms (1,090,700)
$100 - Corey Chambers (985,200) (2nd place prize forfeited by Hank Chien)
$50 - Robbie Lakeman (944,600)

$50 Longest first man - Jeff Wolfe (97 boards: 1-1 to 18-5)
$25 Mystery bounty (20th place) - Martin Laing (527,300)
$25 Mystery bounty (30th place) - John McNeill (244,300)

Clash of the Titans (Allen Staal vs. Brian Allen):
15. Allen Staal: 567,200: $50
26. Brian Allen: 341,000

Top 10 Wildcard Qualifiers (and which of the three tourneys earned them the spot):
1. Phil Tudose: 1,051,600 (#1)
2. Jon Mckinnell: 1,019,800 (#2)
3. Ben Falls: 1,012,700 (#2)
4. Corey Chambers: 985,200 (#3)
5. Eric Tessler: 966,000 (#2)
6. Robbie Lakeman: 944,600 (#3)
7. Dave McCrary: 934,000 (#1)
8. Jonathan McCourt: 901,800 (#3)
9. Chris Psaros: 893,100 (#2)
10. Shane Mosher: 865,900 (#3)

This list is not final and will be adjusted depending on who is attending the Kong Off 3, and which (if any) of these pre-qualifiers manages to "upgrade" to a Top 12 main lineup position by October 25th.

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