Saglio Manhandles the First "DK Open" (Wildcard Qualifier #1)

June 23rd, 2013 - Unfortunately, time constraints have kept me from writing up a full report for this tournament, so I'll keep it short and sweet:

  • What has up to now been the "Wildcard Rematch" is now (and from this point forward) an open field. Organizers Eric Tessler and John Salter decided at the last minute to open registration to all Donkey Kong players, including the "Top 12" competitors, who were excluded from the first two tournaments. The decision was made in order to allow players who are already in the Top 12 to establish a qualifying "wildcard score" to lock in a spot in the Wildcard Division in the event that they get knocked out of the Top 12 by the time of the Kong Off 3.
  • To absolutely nobody's surprise, once registration for the Top 12 was lifted, Dean Saglio entered, and easily took first place, proving once again that the only Donkey Kong player who can beat Dean is Dean himself.
  • Also unsurprisingly, Phil Tudose took second, while also achieving a new personal best and breaching the "million fifty" mark for his first time. Fear Phil.
  • Ben Falls came very close to a first-man kill screen, surviving all the way from 1-1 through 20-4 (108 boards). He certainly earned the "first man" bounty.
  • Twitch TV was down on Friday night, causing a delay in the start of the tournament to 9 AM PST and prompting another last-minute decision to extend it until 9 PM—a total of 36 hours of play time.

Final Standings

1Dean Saglio1,087,5000
2Philip Tudose1,051,60035,900
3Jeff Wolfe997,80053,800
4Corey Chambers964,50033,300
5Dave McCrary934,00030,500
6Ben Falls869,10064,900
7Jeff Willms865,5003,600
8Robbie Lakeman851,30014,200
9Jon Mckinnell753,60097,700
10Chris Psaros696,80056,800
11Daniel Desjardins688,6008,200
12Jeff Harrist678,20010,400
13Brian Allen637,80040,400
14Shane Mosher637,400400
15Ethan Daniels605,90031,500
16Steve Wiltshire602,8003,100
17Eric Tessler512,20090,600
18George Riley471,90040,300
19Eric Martin454,30017,600
20Aaron Rounsaville416,30038,000
21Todd Lalonde361,70054,600
22John Salter318,50043,200
23Dustin Myers317,4001,100
24Allen Staal311,6005,800
25Chris Benn301,50010,100
26Dustin Pease268,20033,300
27Jeremy Young256,00012,200
28Nick Sheils226,30029,700
29Craig Ziegler217,6008,700
30Jason Corey Brittain183,30034,300
31Don Rubin176,0007,300
32Andrew John Purkett122,30053,700
33Ky Staal120,7001,600
34Steve Grunberger116,7004,000
35Stan Trazka84,70032,000
36Eddie Tessler17,20067,500
37Chuck Vess14,8002,400
No Submission (8)
N/ACraig Rout GallantN/AN/A
N/ADaniel DockN/AN/A
N/AKayla RoseN/AN/A
N/AKen HouseN/AN/A
N/AMark KiehlN/AN/A
N/AMike GroesbeckN/AN/A
N/AMitchell ElliottN/AN/A
N/AVincent Lemay N/AN/A
No-Show (14)
N/ADouglas TesslerN/AN/A
N/AEdward DietmanN/AN/A
N/AGeorge StrainN/AN/A
N/AGlen UpdikeN/AN/A
N/AHank ChienN/AN/A
N/AJohn McNeillN/AN/A
N/AJonathan McCourtN/AN/A
N/AJoseph CarrollN/AN/A
N/AMatt DouglasN/AN/A
N/AMichael StastnyN/AN/A
N/AMike KasperN/AN/A
N/ARobert FelsteinN/AN/A
N/ARoss BenzigerN/AN/A
N/ASvavar Gunnar GunnarssonN/AN/A

$250 - Dean Saglio (1,087,500)
$100 - Phil Tudose (1,051,600)
$50 - Jeff Wolfe (997,800)

(None of these top 3 winners can win a prize in either of the two remaining Wildcard Qualifiers.)

$50 First 1 million point game submission - Dean Saglio
$50 Highest 1-1 score - Jeff Willms (12,900)
$50 Longest first man - Ben Falls (108 boards)
$25 Mystery bounty (25th place) - Chris Benn (301,500)

The 8 Wildcard Qualifiers (as of the end of tournament #1):
1. Phil Tudose: 1,051,600
2. Jeff Wolfe: 997,800
3. Corey Chambers: 964,500
4. Ben Falls: 869,100
5. Robbie Lakeman: 851,300
6. Jon Mckinnell: 753,600
7. Chris Psaros: 696,800
8. Daniel Desjardins: 688,600

Top 12 player Dave McCrary has earned "wildcard insurance" with his score of 934,000. He will take one of the 8 spots should he lose his Top 12 status by the time of the Kong Off 3. The same is technically true of Dean Saglio, but Dean cannot lose his status.

Coverage: Twin Galaxies tournament report.

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