Steve Wiebe Returning to the Record Chase?!

June 20th, 2013 - The Donkey Kong community is abuzz with intrigue today after Steve Wiebe posted the following to his Facebook page:

With this glimpse at the now-iconic garage where he made both film and Donkey Kong history, it would appear that the mighty Wiebe is stirring, and may be preparing to take back what was once his.

While he hasn't held the title in over three years, and has since slumped to fifth place on the all-time scoreboard, there is not a single Donkey Kong player who doubts that Wiebe has it in him to reclaim the world record.

After the Kong Off 2, world record contender (and near-misser) Vincent Lemay opined that Wiebe was the player with "the most potential" of anyone in the game (it might sound strange to describe, in terms of "potential", the guy who was once the best, but that's where we are in 2013).

Any doubts that Steve still "had it" were crushed at the Kong Off 2. To score a near-million the first night, and then follow up with two million point games back-to-back to close out the weekend, clearly puts him at the top of the field. Wiebe may not have been the points leader for either of the two Kong Offs (he finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively), but one could argue that he has turned in the best all-around showing so far.

Point-pressing ability aside, Wiebe stands uncontested as the most consistent, bring-it-on-demand Donkey Kong player we are ever likely to see.

And with only a few adjustments to his all-out game, 1,100,000 will be well within his range. From there, the world record is not too much further out.

For these last few years, the key obstruction to Wiebe returning to the top of the Donkey Kong scoreboard has been availability, commitment, and drive. But now it looks as though he's got those back, for at least a few months.

You heard the man: office hours are 10 PM to 2 AM. Go get 'em Steve.

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Anonymous said...

It would be awesome for Steve to get the title back! He's going to have to play a lot of games and learn the newest tricks to get 1.138 though.

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