The Kong Off 3 Wildcard Division: Online Qualifiers Begin This Weekend

June 20th, 2013 - A few weeks ago I wrote a story for Twin Galaxies, on behalf of Eric Tessler and John Salter, detailing the format for the Wildcard Division at the Kong Off 3.

After some back-and-forth on the Donkey Kong Forum, Eric and John made a few tweaks to the format, the community gave a collective thumbs-up, and we're now good to go!

In a nutshell:

  • There will be three 24-hour "Online Qualifier" tournaments, held bimonthly, starting this Saturday June 22nd.
  • The top 8 overall scores from the three tournaments will get a place in Round 1 of the Wildcard Division on Saturday, November 16th in Denver at the Kong Off 3.
  • Those unable to qualify online, or who don't participate in the tournaments, will have the opportunity to participate in a "Live Qualifier" the day before, on Friday, November 15th. The top 8 scores from Friday will face the 8 online qualifiers on Saturday.
  • The top 8 players from Saturday will then move onto the final round on Sunday, where the top 4 will win cash prizes.

The first of the three qualifier tournaments—which, in addition to the chance to qualify, boasts a generous prize pool and bounties—begins at 9 PM (Pacific) on Friday night, and ends 24 hours later. With 50 players signed up already, it's looking to be a huge event!

Visit the tournament announcement thread on Donkey Kong Forum for complete details and to sign up.


Anonymous said...

Is Ross going to win again?

Anonymous said...

I hope one of the legends steps back up preferably billy to add to the amazing story of donkey Kong the past few years.

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