The Kong Off 3

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December 18th - Shaun Boyd Proves Something to The Verge
December 7th - Hank Chien and Vincent Lemay's Kong Off 3 Rivalry on Spike TV
November 22nd - Kong Off 3 Tournament In Review
November 18th - Kong Off 3 Final Results, Winners, and Prizes
Day 2 - Sunday, November 17th, 2013
9:22 PM - It's Over! Defending Champion Jeff Willms Wins the Kong Off 3!
7:00 PM - Ross Benziger Grabs Second After Last Quarter!
4:24 PM - Saglio on a Run For First Place
3:45 PM - Leaderboard Hit By Three Big Scores
2:41 PM - Wiebe on L21, on Pace for Second
12:15 PM - Off and Running!
11:00 AM - Day 2 Starting Soon: Willms On Top Again
Day 1 - Saturday, November 16th, 2013
9:00 PM - Scoreboard as of 7:49 PM: Wiltshire Leads
4:11 PM - Score Update: Wildcards Dominating
11:11 AM - The Field is Set - Day 1 About to Start
Day 0 - Friday, November 15th, 2013
8:48 PM - "Day 0" is Underway!
November 11th - The Kong Off 3 is Set!
October 21st - Willms Amazes in Wildcard Qualifier #3
August 18th - Phil Tudose Wins the Wildcard Online Qualifier #2
August 17th - Halfway Point of the Wildcard Qualifier #2: Psaros Leads
June 23rd - Saglio Manhandles the First "DK Open" (Wildcard Qualifier #1)
June 20th - The Kong Off 3 Wildcard Division: Online Qualifiers Begin This Weekend

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