The Machine of Dreams

Many people have a "dream car"—some beautiful set of wheels that they've lusted after since they were young.

Well, this week I finally got mine... only in my case the "car" is a Donkey Kong arcade machine.

It came without a monitor, and in a rough-looking cabinet, but I got one hell of a deal.

Within a week I'd found a lead on a local arcade repairman who had the monitor I needed. I picked it up, brought it home, wired everything together, and now she's up and running.

Above is a quick (pre-monitor) video I shot to announce to my friends that I had "graduated" from MAME and was now in position to stake my claim on the arcade leaderboard. The video is also an introduction to the Donkey Blog YouTube channel.

Take a look, and stay tuned to the channel for future videos, including game commentaries, strategy videos, highlights from my Twin Galaxies submissions, and more.

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Your video is awesome :)

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