Kong Off 3 Final Results, Winners, and Prizes

1Jeff Willms1,096,2000Top 12
2Ross Benziger1,067,10029,100Top 12
3Hank Chien1,056,90010,200Top 12
4Steve Wiltshire1,053,2003,700Top 12
5Steve Wiebe1,048,8004,400Top 12
6Dean Saglio1,033,00015,800Top 12
7David McCrary1,032,0001,000Online WC (#1)
8Mike Groesbeck1,020,70011,300Top 12
9Kyle Goewert1,006,50014,200Live WC
10Vincent Lemay 989,70016,800Top 12
11Corey Chambers893,30096,400Online WC (#3)
12Jonathan McCourt891,2002,100Online WC (#3)
13Eric Tessler883,3007,900Online WC (#2)
14Robbie Lakeman840,30043,000Top 12
15Jeff Wolfe809,20031,100Top 12
16Ben Falls736,80072,400Online WC (#2)
17Ethan Daniels711,40025,400Online WC (#2)
18Aaron Rounsaville703,6007,800Live WC
19Daniel Desjardins702,5001,100Online WC (#1)
20Daniel Dock680,00022,500Online WC (#2)
21Shaun Boyd639,30040,700Top 12
22Billy Mitchell598,80040,500Top 12

Further explanation of the tournament structure will help better explain the final standings:

  • A total of 32 players participated in the tournament.
  • The "Top 12" players (rankings 1-12 in the Twin Galaxies Donkey Kong scoreboard—minus Mark Kiehl, who forfeited his position to #13, Mike Groesbeck—were guaranteed dedicated machines all weekend and played Saturday and Sunday.
  • The Wildcard Division ("WC") was made up of two groups totaling 20 players: 10 who pre-qualified online through preliminary tournaments held this past summer, and 10 who qualified live on Friday at the 1up. Only 10 out of this group of 20 moved onto Sunday and played both days.
  • Of the 10 wildcards who moved onto Sunday, 8 were online qualifiers, and 2 were live qualifiers.
  • Since only 22 players played both days (the Top 12 plus the 10 wildcards who survived Saturday's action), the wildcards who were eliminated on Saturday are not included in the final tournament leaderboard (as these contestants had half the play time).

Eliminated Saturday

RankPlayerScoreGapHow Qualified
1Mitchell Elliott666,5000Live
2Jeff Harrist630,60035,900Online (WCQ #1)
3Allen Staal569,90060,700Live
4Chris Psaros563,6006,300Online (WCQ #2)
5Jeremy Young485,40078,200Live
6George Strain410,10075,300Live
7John Salter191,700218,400Live
8John Hunter190,2001,500Live
9Elizabeth Bollinger136,60053,600Live
10Don Rubin123,90012,700Live

Eliminated Friday (The Live Qualifier Round)

Scores set during Friday's Live Qualifier round had no bearing on the Kong Off 3 scoreboard, since it was a preliminary round and no more a part of the tournament proper than the online preliminaries.

The 10th place cutoff to qualify for Saturday was set by Don Rubin with 133,500. Players who could not beat that score included Kayla Rose and Katie Young, and several unknown walk-ins who did not submit their names or scores. Each, however, contributed a $20 entry fee to the prize pool, for which the three winners are thankful!


1st: $3,000 - Jeff Willms
2nd: $1,000 - Ross Benziger
3rd: $500 - Hank Chien

Wildcard Division
1st (7th overall): $250 - Dave McCrary
2nd (9th overall): $150 - Kyle Goewert
3rd (11th overall): $100 - Corey Chambers


Anonymous said...

Billy please don't compete in the Kong Off anymore, it's painful to see you struggle this bad =[

dd0ck said...

It would not be Kong Off without Billy Mother Fucking Mitchell.

Anonymous said...

More than 1,000,000 people participated, $20 entry fee, and 1st place gets $3,000.... the math is not adding up.

allen said...

wht da where are jeff harrist scores ...lo

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