Hank Chien and Vincent Lemay's Kong Off 3 Rivalry on Spike TV

December 7th, 2014 - More exciting media coverage from the Kong Off 3!

Earlier tonight, during their Video Game Awards show, Spike TV aired a brilliant 5-minute segment (shot by Vice Magazine) showcasing the rivalry between Hank Chien and Vincent Lemay.

A longer version, featuring a deeper look at the tournament as a whole, will be coming to the Vice YouTube channel within the next few days (look for an update to this post then).

Does the camera love these two or what?

UPDATE - December 14th: Vice has posted the full version of the documentary, along with a write-up on the tournament. As it turned out, the final film is only slightly longer than the version that ran on Spike TV, with a few additional scenes and slight variations in the cut.

The film has been making the rounds, including the front page of Digg.com and even the Huffington Post.

This is a great piece of "short filmmaking" and has received a good deal of interest and response, racking up over 50,000 views in under three days.

Vincent is having the proverbial "rotten fruit" thrown at him by commenters, but that was his intention of course! We, his friends in the community, know the score: Vincent is a goofball and was being a heel for the cameras. He was, in any case, well-prepared for another run-in with hostile Internet folk, having caught a good deal of shit from his appearance in Kotaku earlier this year after nearly breaking the world record. He's laughing and we are laughing with him.

Special thanks to Vice for linking to Donkey Blog's Kong Off 3 Results (next-to-last paragraph of their write-up), and welcome to the new visitors from there, as well as this inrush of Kong-curious Googlers!

Next up is The Verge, who have scheduled their piece on the Kong Off 3 for Tuesday, December 17th.

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King of Kong 2 - Vincent Vs. Hank
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