News Archive

November 16th-18th, 2012: The Kong Off 2 (page)
November 5th, 2012: Dr. Kong Won't Stop!
October 21st, 2012: Lemay Puts Up a Monster
October 13th, 2012: Tudose Breaks the 1-1 Record
October 4th, 2012: Twin Galaxies Sold to New Ownership?
October 2nd, 2012: Kiehl Retakes 4th
October 1st, 2012: Wiltshire Pushes the Leaderboard to a Possible Kuh Screen
August 22nd, 2012: Hank Bumps It Up
August 15th, 2012: Problems at and
May 29th, 2012: NEW WORLD RECORD!
May 28th, 2012: More Big Scores
April 22nd, 2012: MAME High Score Crushed by The Dean of Donkey Kong!
March 1st, 2012: A Painful Near-Miss for Goffinet
February 6th, 2012: Number Five Already??
January 8th, 2012: Dave McCrary Is Millionaire Number 4!

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