May 29th 2012 - It was announced by Twin Galaxies today (with the story being broken by Patrick Scott Patterson) that Donkey Kong world record holder Hank Chien has moved the goal posts further for any would-be challengers (and taken us a few critical inches closer to burying the Donkey Kong world record chase forever) by upping the game's topmost mark from its previous high of 1,090,400 to an elegant 1,110,100 points.

This score is the first on the arcade platform to break 1.1 million. It is the fourth time overall in which Chien has set a new record, and the second consecutive time that the new top score has been an improvement of one set by Chien himself. It has now been almost a year and a half since another player held the title (Steve Wiebe lost it to Chien on December 27th, 2010).

The score—achieved on May 18th—was hinted at two days before the announcement by Twin Galaxies referee Stephen Boyer:

"The third [Donkey Kong] score I verified was by a well known DK player who bettered his score. This is one I'll post sometime this week when the time is right. Feel free to guess if you like."

Chien's achievement is well-timed, as his position is now that much better-fortified against the onslaught of competing score attempts that he will face leading up to and during this November's Kong Off 2 tournament. As still more players join the million-point club, and with Dean Saglio fresh off of a positively scorching 1.16 million MAME feat that he might just be able to duplicate on the original arcade hardware, Chien has every reason to shore up his best offense.

Chien's latest performance is an action that speaks louder than words ever could—a bold assertion from the champ that he is still a fearsome competitor, and will not easily let go of his place atop the Donkey Kong leaderboard.

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