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August 16, 2012 - It would appear that the Twin Galaxies website is undergoing major difficulties, now having been offline for over a week.

A visit to shows only a placeholder, mentioning that the site is offline "for required server updates."

However, the Twin Galaxies Facebook page mentions a "network outage."

Needless to say, officials have given conflicting information about the nature of the downtime, but here's hoping, at any rate, that the matter is resolved soon!

I am updating about this because Donkey Blog's Top 20 Donkey Kong Scores page has risen to the first page of Google search results for the query "Twin Galaxies." Discovering the site to be down, many would-be TG visitors have been coming to Donkey Blog for answers. Unfortunately, I have none to offer, as this blog is unaffiliated with Twin Galaxies.

In related news, I have postponed mentioning that (the official site of the upcoming Kong Off 2) was newly-relaunched two weeks ago. Almost immediately upon launch, the site was "hit with an 'exploit virus/hack'" (according to the 1up, the venue for the event and host of the site). has apparently been scrubbed of nearly all content, and is now in the process of being rebuilt.

Best of luck to all those adversely affected by these recent issues!

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Robert Felstein said...

ha ha i put fire under TG ass saying they have reach the end when there place holder became a Go_daddy domain page lol lol lol .....TG suffring from bull shitietis it not funny .......the famus Tri Fource came to TG rescue and TG lifted there ass only to put there shit sit they clame was being updated back up. (owner ship of TG slipping and dont care that sad fact but dont beleave me )

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